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Preparing for an EPC

Here are some tips to prepare for your EPC assessment.

Ensure all the lightbulbs in your property are Energy saving bulbs.

If you have had home improvements done, for example new windows, extensions, heating systems or insulation have the documentation ready for the assessor. If your double glazed windows were fitted after 2002 and the date is not visible in the units, please have paperwork available to show the installation date.

Insulation makes a significant difference to the Energy rating. An assessor has to grade the property with what insulation they can see therefore, for example, if the loft is not accessible but it has been insulated the property will achieve a better energy rating if you can provide evidence. The same applies to cavity wall insulation, if it has rendering covering it, have paperwork ready for the assessor.

Ensure that if you have a hot water tank that there is plenty of insulation around it.

We try to establish the exact make and model of the oil or gas boiler. Where this is possible, the exact efficiency of the boiler can be established. This is likely to be higher than the default software setting for that type of boiler. Establishing the boiler's details from visual inspection can be difficult, so please have any information manuals or service history available for the assessor.

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